5 Things to Consider When Planning a Multi-Gen Trip

August 12, 2021

Travel is full of opportunity and by travelling with others, we're exposed to new perspectives and can build upon our connections with ourselves, others, and the world itself. Here are five things to consider when planning a trip for multiple people of varying age ranges.

Consider Every Age Range.

Don't forget to involve every person in your planning. Multi-gen trips are typically family oriented – grandparents, parents and children – but just because you're family doesn't mean everyone will agree on how to spend your time. Most destinations, hotels, and cruise ships have activities to please all age ranges, but when you still can't decide, consider splitting up for the day and reuniting at night for a group dinner. Another option is to alternate days – perhaps day one is an adventurous family-friendly hike for the parents, day two is a fun-filled day at the beach for the kids, and day three is a city tour and museum visit for the grandparents. No matter how you manage your activities, make sure everyone gets to enjoy their version of fun.

Don't Forget About Group Rates.

travelling with a large family or group can be a rewarding vacation on its own full of shared experiences and bonding time. But, did you know that by travelling with a large group, you can take advantage of group rates and discounts that can translate into huge savings? From deals on hotel rooms to packaged group activity offers, sometimes "the more the merrier" really does ring true. Take advantage of these savings by talking to your travel advisor.

Book Connecting Rooms.

When travelling with kids, connecting rooms is most often a "must" for parents, but connecting rooms can also create a fun atmosphere for older family members or groups of friends. If you'd rather have privacy and space, don't feel pressured, but connecting rooms are always an option for an extra bit of camaraderie during your group trip.

Buy Travel Insurance.

When it comes to purchasing travel insurance during this new era of travel, choosing a plan can feel daunting. Trip cancellation and interruption are the most common travel insurance claims. It can be easy to overlook this coverage and just go with emergency medical insurance, but it's important to keep it in mind. It can save you thousands of dollars if you must cancel an expensive trip.

Explore The World Together.

One of the best parts about travelling with a group is you get to explore the world together. As the world begins to reopen, many of us are ready to move past the months of isolation and reconnect with ourselves and the people around us. Whether you're looking to finally reunite with your extended family, join a group tour of like-minded individuals, or immerse yourself among locals in a new destination, now is the time to connect and come together.

Content courtesy of Ensemble Travel Group